I learned early that it’s photography that keeps me up at night – in a good way. The post-process is just as much a rush for me as the shooting time. It takes me hours to fall asleep after I post new photos to show you. Thank you for being here.

Freshman year of High School I started using the camera that my mom was shopping for when she started going into labor with me; initial contractions kept her bending over pretending to be uber interested in products all over the store.

The years before college found me shooting political campaigns, bar/bat mitzvahs, family portraits, occasional local newspaper gigs and everything in between. Tufts University kept me shooting for their Photography Office. Since 2008 I’ve stepped into the web industry as a photographer, designer, front-end developer, project manager, interactive producer, and now Founder of Schoening Digital. Schoening Digital, which was started in June of 2012, offers brand photography, among other web design and development services, for organizations looking to tell a better and more beautiful brand story. Our clients range from small for-profit businesses to large non-profit organizations.

Photo clients (including Schoening Digital’s clients) have included UC Berkeley, The Puyallup Fair, Redpoint Education/The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Level11/Methodologie, MaxPoint Interactive, College Summit, Companion Care, M Yoga Studio, Thoughtbot, Tufts University, The First Church of Christian Science, The Time4Thinkers, Genuine Interactive, and more. Photo clients through Genuine Interactive have included Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Frank’s Red hot, Veggie Patch, Tribe, Phillips Academy Andover, and Shire.

Weddings and portraiture take up my free time and I’d like it to stay that way.