MaxPoint Interactive, out of North Carolina, offers digital advertising that gets people into real stores. Really big stores. For their branding visuals they needed shots of targeted audiences and neighborhoods, retail foot traffic, product and seasonal sale launches, and restaurant events and openings. After a lot of planning and with a team made up of a few managers, an art director, the clients who flew out for the shoot, and a few models, we checked off a huge shot list in the matter of three days. You might see some familiar faces for some of the after-hour set-up shots. This shoot was a fantastic experience with a fantastic team. Here were some of my favorites:

040813-maxpoint-scouting-244x flowers

040813-maxpoint-scouting-736x happy hour

040813-maxpoint-scouting-1007x ncaa

040813-maxpoint-scouting-1377x ram

040913-maxpoint-scouting-6x entrance

041013-maxpoint-205x make-up



041013-maxpoint-860x date

041013-maxpoint-947x date

041013-maxpoint-1424x car

041013-maxpoint-1551x car


041113-maxpoint-134x school supplies

041113-maxpoint-211x mom stroller

041113-maxpoint-220x mom kid hand

041113-maxpoint-244x striped plant

041113-maxpoint-273x fingers plant

041113-maxpoint-319x corner mall

041113-maxpoint-607x tool world



041113-maxpoint-745x movies

041113-maxpoint-891x line

041113-maxpoint-955x tickets

041113-maxpoint-965x converse

041513-maxpoint-204x foot traffic

041113-maxpoint-991x lightsign