Dan’s sister, my sister, Allison, taught in Panajachel, Guatemala for the 2013 – 2014 school year. She taught 14 kids in a 10′ x 10′ classroom, became fluent in Spanish, and got to know her village and its families like the back of her hand. We’ve learned that visiting a favorite person in a place that’s become their favorite place is the most efficient and amazing way to travel. For all intents and purposes, she had spent 12 months scouting out, for us, the best swimming spots, best restaurants, best coffee shops – best activities to do in a jam-packed 7 days. We met her boyfriend, his family, and some incredibly cute students of hers, and by the end of the week, felt like we knew Panajachel like the back of our hands. Highlights include sipping fraps with Carlos and the family in Cafe Mocha, singing live-band hymns with a group of missionary travelers at Solomon’s Porch, hiking St. Pedro volcano (no matter what Allison says, it’s not just a walk in the park!), realizing that Emmy wore camouflage to the pottery shop in San Antonio, and stopping by the beautifully colorful cemetery in Solala. This was my first real trip with the Schoenings, not sure it can be topped?

061414-guatemala-19x Al & Bri

061414-guatemala-123xDan smiling


061414-guatemala-238x mark smilng

061414-guatemala-225x pink smiling

061414-guatemala-515x soccer

061414-guatemala-314x emmy 2

061414-guatemala-344x standing dock

061414-guatemala-345x running dock

061414-guatemala-348x jumping in

061414-guatemala-354x in the water

061414-guatemala-373x greenery through boat

061414-guatemala-263x blue tarp

061414-guatemala-444x carlos walking

061414-guatemala-472x emmy surprised

061414-guatemala-486x dan looking away

061414-guatemala-547x one leg

061414-guatemala-602x camouflage

061414-guatemala-606x dan and mark looking

061414-guatemala-617x fingers

061414-guatemala-682x hair shot

061414-guatemala-772x brian bottle

061414-guatemala-782x carlos 1

061414-guatemala-784x kid playing

061414-guatemala-811x emmy shopping red

061414-guatemala-827x dan shopping

061414-guatemala-855x allison shopping camouflage

061414-guatemala-920x dan sunglasses

061414-guatemala-951x ropeswing 1

061414-guatemala-976x cemetery silhouette

061414-guatemala-993x allison and carlos

061414-guatemala-1028x walking cemetery

061414-guatemala-1064x teal tree

061414-guatemala-1101x color boxes

061414-guatemala-1133x dan candle

061414-guatemala-1205x creepy puppets

061414-guatemala-1198x bug 2